“Nice to meet you, how much does it cost?”

This is the best answer to that question per sales godfather Tom Hopkins with my spin. It qualifies them, runs the gambit and put the sales ball back in their court.

“That’s a great question, glad you are interested.

Most of the people who get one our [COMMERCIAL PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLED SECURITY SYSTEMS] invest about $ 5k (insert price about 20% more than your best guess).

There are those with [HIGH SECURITY] NEEDS AND APPROPRIATE BUDGETS we can put in a top of the line, [MULTI-LAYERED SYSTEM] that will run approximately $10k-50k plus (Whatever is your dream deal) plus depending on size.

For those on somewhat on a fixed or limited budget, we have [SYSTEMS] starting as low as $2k (minimum price plus a bit).

[We also provide [SECURITY AS A SERVICE SaaS plans] for qualifying clients where the [equipment plus cloud and monitoring along with support plans] are combined into a monthly fee for service.]

Tell me, which kind of client are you?”

Because we can always do something cheaper 😉

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