Working ON vs IN a small business

Easier said than done but where there is a will there must be a way.

When you are one of the sled dogs 🐕 if not the the lead 🐺 its tough to move from pulling to directing exclusively without the team stalling out in the winter tundra 🥶

So working on the business is directing the team, looking 👀 ahead, upgrading the sled, training the team, recruiting strong 💪 and smart 🧠 ❤️ players, prepping, etc

I think great leaders do BOTH well but know when and how to rotate, especially in startups and small biz. I definitely struggle at times with this.

Yet, we shouldn’t act like ‘kick up your legs on the desk CEOs’ when its a one man, small crew or ever for that matter. Like mail in leadership.

As a small biz, its not an either / or thing. It mainly figuring out what you do best, have the most passion for and building around that.

Leaders are made differently.

Lincoln vs Grant
Eisenhower vs Patton
Jobs vs Wozniak

It boils down to Roles & Goals.

E-myth is the quintessential book on this topic, IMO.

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