Demarcation line

God wants Christian warriors for His glory not easy fodder for the devil.

Fight for Him and He’s got your back in ALL you do!

There is a war happening.

Sailor, are you on the dock of the bay, in a lil dingy on a piddly pond, reclining on a cruise ship or mustered on a battle ship? (I must admit, I spend time on all four).

Our shield is faith, our belt is truth, our weapon is the Word and we fight in Love.

Ephesians 6 is so good, don’t you agree?

What do you work and fight for?

Me? God’s glory, America as I know, my wife and family, my business and team, my church, & my new man in me.

Like Solomon said, there is a time for everything (war/peace, plant/harvest, work/rest, etc) but if you think everything is about you, your comfort, and your chill then that is a problem.

If it were easy, none of us would be necessary yet if it were all hard, we aren’t connected to Him.

What truth, what simplicity, what wonder, what paradox is this life like sovereignty / freewill.

I am awestruck in the mystery’s of God yet we must get busy for there is plenty of work to be done, while the Son is shining.

Success is never final, failure is never fatal.

It’s courage that counts.

(Until the game ending buzzer sounds – KB)

John Wooden

If it’s to be, it’s up to He and me!

What say you?

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