What if you could never fail?

My answer is long and spiritual in nature.
Read at your own risk πŸ™‚

IF i could NEVER fail, I would shoot past the moon 🌚, beyond the sun 🌞 and be God. Go BIG or stay home 🏑

But on a quick second thought, that’s too BIG. And that didn’t work out so well for that last person, Lucifer, who tried something like that. Talk about colossal failure.

Not to be blasphemous, but even God initially fails, on the surface that is. Or at least allows failure to happen. As He created everything and the environment for it.

So there MUST be good fails and bad fails, all based upon our intent for God is good at His core.

Here is what I mean; God created all of us with freewill but it went off plan rather quick starting with Eve getting duped and taking that first forbidden bite of that fruit 🍎 & Adam being complicit with the big nasty virus of all virus 🦠 entering the world, AKA sin. Super fail two. Talk about a super spreader.

Then Cain killed his brother Able, there was the Tower of Babel insurrection, the Great Flood, His chosen people, the Jews, where stiff-necked people where idolatrous and on down the line resulting in many, many bad fails and false fears.

But God didn’t quit there because He had a better plan!

He must have thought the risk and initial failure worth it for all long term success to be had via the world’s powerful force; love ❀️.

Yes love, which is of His primary essence and being for the Bible tells us so.

So God turned failure inside out with the Gospel. He turned physical death into life eternal! πŸ’₯ Glory πŸ’₯

He enables it all to work for good in unexpected ways (see Romans 8:28). That is definently one thing God does best and no one is in His league πŸ’₯ Glory πŸ’₯

So I will be the ‘best me’ by keeping my intent noble, so to abide harmoniously with God, knowing all things are possible πŸ’₯

I can’t be God but I am made in His image, I can be a friend of His, and thus be a bit like Him, by the great help of Jesus and His Spirit.

Yep, with that said, this is what I would and am trying;


John 15:5

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