Maxwells Leadership Reading Plan – Day 6

The Leader and Stress

Have you discovered the difference between problems and facts? Problems are things we can do something about; we can solve problems. Facts are things we can do nothing about; therefore we do well not to worry about them. We apply energy only to those things we can change. We can feel peace and act with poise, because we no longer beat our heads against an unbreakable wall.

Psalm 23 reminds us of what God alone can control and what we can control. It distinguishes between problems and facts. It defines God as…

Kirk Booher,

I really appreciate the difference between Problems and Facts.
There is comfort in that especially when coupled with Romans 8:28
How Psalms 23 so poetically and wonderfully elaborates the message of that and God’s long distance yet intimately close love of spirit to our souls. – Kirk

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