Team Building

Another day, another opportunity!

I hired a tech a cpl weeks ago and it wasn’t working out. He was too ‘me’ focused and getting upset over rather trivial stuff. There is no ‘I’ in TEAM.

I called him in for a review meeting yesterday, hoping to find a path and resolution. To see if there was a light for further engagement or not. There was not. He quit.

I have found if you give people enough rope, they either do something good or great with it. Other times, they hang themselves.

It was disappointing to see lost potential, a couple weeks of salary and training walk out but it better to know sooner than later.

Myself and my team was gracious and no reason to burn bridges.

Having a good team is like building a puzzle. Not every pieces fits at the time its in your hand. You try to make it work but forcing it to conform is a losing battle.

It’s easy to blame others. I must remember when I point at another, I have three fingers coming back at me.
That’s always a good time to be introspective.

Hopefully, the next go around will fit better and I shall be a bit wiser, Lord willing.


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