The greatest value in a goal

is what I become on the way to the goal.


Our youngest daughter plays high school basketball. Though she is a starter on a talented team, her role this year is primarily as a support player to three D1 college bound seniors.

She has learned this well, embraced her role and is a good player but she was having an off game last night. A friend who she plays summer ball with and also big school competitor was the competition for the Indianapolis conference city tournament finals last night.

As the game was winding down in the final seconds the opposing team’s star player shot the ball, it went over the rim, over Audrey and into her friend/competitor’s hands, Izzy’s. With time running out, Izzy shot a seven footer which hit nothing but net right over Audreys outstretched hands to win the game.

After the game, the star player on Audrey’s team, Arie, came over and told Audrey, ‘not to be too sad because it’s a team sport and no one player is responsible for the win or the loss’. Arie is an amazing player and scored like 35 points and Audrey scored maybe two, if any – she might’ve been like one for like seven. Audrey, my daughter, did contribute and worked hard in many other ways with good defense, hustle, rebounds, etc.

As Audrey came out of the locker room, she saw Izzy celebrating with her team and cutting down the nets for the city championship. She walked out on the court amongst the other team and told Izzy that she was happy she scored the winning point and congratulated her on the last second victory.

My wife was quick to complement Audrey for her sportsmanship and her character, which after all is what ultimate winning is about.

Playing sports should be about life lessons foremost. She will take that into the rest of her life. And hopefully next year, when she’s a senior, will get the next basketball game victory.

Though she missed her goal of winning that championship, she is becoming a better person and that is the point of this story.

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