Get a hair cut

I went for a job at 16. I was laughed at, and told they would never hire a high schooler. Then jokingly he said as I left the room “If you cut your hair you got the job”.

So I show up the next day with my beautiful locks sheered off. When the gentleman that interviewed me saw my hair, his eyes widened in shock. Half laughing, half nervous he said “I was joking…” but then he thought for a minute, and said “A deal is a deal, you’re in”.

Not only did I become the highest performer on his team, I eventually started a new branch for him. Then bought the branch, and then ended up being his business partner.

Opportunity comes to the bold. The ones who take action. The ones who want it. You can live your whole life wanting more. But until you cut your hair, or make that phone call, or buy that domain, you will stay where you are.

Be the force driving your life.

Levi Lindsay, from LinkedIn

This reminds me of a story. There was a high school boy who wanted to borrow his old man’s car for a little trip.

His father was not a fan of his son’s long straggly hair nor the idea of him driving that far. So he said, “Son, if you cut your hair so it’s high and tight, you can take my car.”

The teen replied, “But Dad, come on. You know, Jesus had long hair and was trusted by His Father.”

His dad instantly replied, “Yeah, and He walked everywhere too.”

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