Jim Rohn – Leadership Qualities from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich

Jim Rohn – Leadership Qualities
from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich

Kirk’s notes:

Courage – true and steady, willing to do the hard stuff

Self-control – discipline, self awareness

Keen sense of Justice – fair, balance, right

Definiteness of Decision – early, foundational,
“Dont start your day until you have finished your plan“, Correcting Decisions-reflect, new decision power

Definite Plans – harness momentum, get your boat in the water and set your destination, head to blue oceans while making the most of the red, balance and include family, plan use of money

Personal devolpment and mission plan – Max influence leverage

Give more than paid for – earn reviews, testimonial, render high service

Pleasing Personality – public facing always, developed private, starts with those let closet, only share the ugly side to God and a chosen few

Attention – focused, the gift of attention

Sympathy and Understanding – look to help those with an uplift and gentle sure pull until they let go or push the life help rope back

Mastery of detail – big problems start small, its all the little things that make a big difference

Willingness to accept FULL responsibility –

Extreme Ownership, you can’t control a lot but you can control your response… and pray

Co-operation – synergy, TEAM

Vision – see and share the future, an old prophet said without vision the people perish
Short and Long Range

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