The Law of Diminishing Intent

The Law of Diminishing Intent states the longer the amount of time a decision is made until substantial action begins, the task is exponentially less likely to be completed.

Of course, larger more comprehensive tasks require more planning and execution, this principle still applies.

There a few key ways to decrease the negative effects (and harness the inverse of this law) is to ‘DO IT NOW!’. Long before Nike use this slogan, its have been tried and true. ‘DO IT NOW!’.

Before you squander your precious time, ask yourself these quick questions:

1. Does this task / idea fit squarely in my Mission Statement? (If not, forget it)
2. Will it help me achieve one or more of my stated goals? Which one? (If not, delete it. If maybe, note in your Someday Maybe list, If so, go to the next question)
3. Am I the best person to do this? (If not delegate it)
4. Can I DO IT RIGHT NOW? If so and you have the time, get ‘r done. Especially, if its something that can be accomplished in 15 minutes or less, or certainly 5 minutes or less.
5. If you don’t have time or opportunity in the moment, Write it down ASAP. Or speak it down. Scribble it down.
Make sure you have a system. Just get down and make get to it accordingly. There are a host of good ones. Get one and use it! Find something that works and work it.

My favorite is a combination of:

1) ToDo List = Asana (a smooth, simple and powerful task management tool, with a very nice freemium version). Google has very decent ToDo and Reminder app built in as Apple. Wunderlist and others are good.

2) Journal = For longer and more detailed notes, I use Google Drive Docs as a running Journal. I create one for each year. Asana plays very nice with Google. Notepad (paper or electronic) also work fine. I prefer cloud based as it syncs all my devices, easy to organize and almost impossible to lose. Making backups is easy and is also easy to print out for good old fashioned hard copy.

3) I also try to keep a scratch pad around and then convert to electronic but getting in the habit is the key.

There is a very comprehensive system called “Getting things done” (so simple but super system). Brian Tracy and Stephen Covey both are top notch teachers and have excellent material.

Remember, “Ideas are a dime a dozen but men to implement them are worth their weight in gold”.

Here is a nice short video on the subject Click to watch on online by Dustin Hillis

So TAKE ACTION NOW. For yesterday is history, the future is an unfulfilled promise but today is a present…if you take action.

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