Whose influence?

Satan is behind this…really.

Who else would convince someone to mutilate, destroy and abuse themselves and others?

(God proclaims we should not harm ourselves as we are made in His image, His masterwork, which He breathed into life).

To sacrifice their children in the womb for selfish ambition and convenience?

(God proclaims all life is sacred)

To find sexual satisfaction with children, animals, same sex?

(God proclaims a certain order and conduct)

Teach human evolution from amoebas as random chance?

(God proclaims we are His creation and intentional design)

Curse and disavow God?

(God proclaims He first loved us, and still does, despite our tendency to run for darkness)


Stealth, deception and slime are his M.O.

Think I am the fool for calling out the devil?
Not as foolish as ignoring his bastardly influence, let alone cooperating.

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