Do you believe that there’s a spirit of nature?

Not exactly.

When God created life His Spirit went forth. Nature is not a person thus has no spirit. Only human beings have a spirit though animals may have a soul… Thus we are not to eat or drink blood as there is life in it, per the Bible.

Spirit and energy are not the same. Spirit signifies personhood and is eternal.

Our spirit is one of the key attributes in how we are created in God’s image, whether or not we accept or believe that. When our incomplete spirit invites God by Jesus into hearts via the Holy Spirit, then we are born again and thus reconnecting to God to be fulfilled upon the death of our carnal body and flesh.

To reject the Holy Spirit upon invitation and residence in our soul is what I think the one unforgivable sin is. That isnt ‘backsliding’ or sinning but rather refuting and shunning God’s Holy Spirit.

But God’s primary essense is love. He very much loves you and I for the Bible tells us so.



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