My notes from the Truth@Work Conference 2018 ‘Transformation’.


I had a pleasure of attending Truth at work conference was held this past Friday 11/9/18 at Northview Church. I arrived an hour or so after it started. You can view past speakers and learn more about what happened here. Great faith-based pearls of wisdom and a few laughs.  It was great to connect with some old friends and met a few new ones.

20181109_103444 (1)

Ronald Blue of Blue co

Live purposefully

Four letter words – Don’t be a fool

Be generous and live purposely

Write a purpose statement for self and family

Continue legacy – Christianity, Ethics, Morals, Value

He is no fool to give up what he can not keep to get what he can not lose – Jim Elliot

Spend LESS than you make

Jesus makes you successful forever not fleeting temp stuff


Popeyes former CEO

Book: Dare to serve

Servant leadership works!

There are no great leaders without great results

45% increase sales

My purpose should be about His purpose

Isaiah about He sits enthroned about a circle about His people like grasshoppers

BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS as God said to Joshua in Jos 1

If DO THESE THINGS you will be blessed John 13:7

7 habits of success by Covey (listen to)


Casey Crawford of Movement Mortgage

Former NFL player

Purpose in pain

Rely on GOD, not self

Transformation might start with you but must be bigger than you

Don’t hold someone to a standard you wouldn’t hold yourself to

4,000 employees from 4

Take a step and trust God to meet you

Create a platform of success and give it to God

Transformation, lead yourself, family, team

Enjoy yourself and bring in Jesus

Braveheart….leader who took one step forward, then another

You don’t get off the island taking walks – Dominican Republican MLB player

Energized be leaders and talking to leaders

Call the Marketplace to rise up

From Charlotte

Dont let money be your first  business concern but rather

  • God
  • Service
  • Value
  • Money

Started charter school

Trust in God and trust He will deliver exceeding obvious

If you are not being laughed at you are standing in line


Darren from Heartland

Jesus miracles

  1. See
  2. Stop
  3. Touch

Michael JR

Setup (talents) then punchline 

Not what can I get but I can give?

More than funny



Kevin Sorbo

Dont let anyone set limitations for you

Proverbs 19:20-23

58 movies

God’s not dead – atheist teacher

Soul surfer 

What IF movie (need to watch)

Can you touch or see God?

Can you touch or see your brain?

Does that mean you are brain dead

Was Hercules in TV show

He had faith but never needed faith

True Strength book by Kevin Sorbo

Let there be light movie – Kevin Sorbo, 800 screens (produced by Kevin Sorbo)

God answers prayers but sometimes we don’t understand them

God’s not dead yet $ 2m grossed $ 100m per year…only Fox would allow him to interview

One of best dollar for dollar grossing films ever

5 movies in 12 months….silent knight on youtube

The Reliant and One Nation Under God

Miracle on

Kevin was a broken man and God redeemed him.

Matthew 9:37-38

Few worker need to get done

7 colors – Michelangelo

7 musical notes – Beethoven

10 numbers. – Bernie Madoff


Dayton Moore GM of the KC Royals

Winning for each other is what matters

Settle disputes quickly, go above and beyond, be quick to forgive

We are being judged by the world in one of two ways

  1. With a critical eye – help discover blind spots, spot errors, be humble enough
  2. With a critical spirit – hard to deal with, be responsive, simple kindness and concern

Lots of smart people, it is not getting the info but how to use. EI.

Share the glory

Be humble and meek but not weak and wishy/washy

Ned Yost – stuck with because:  Transparent and open / Optimistic and positive

Be more of a responder than a reactor

When you are demoted or pushed down, how do you respond?

Take the challenge

6 gold gloves later and World Series champ later was a player he sent down to minors but responded properly

Be calm in the storm

1 on 1 communication

Dont neglect 1 on 1 time and in small groups

Delight in others

Be a great example

What is more important commodity in the world? Time!

The End and now apply!

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