Jesus Wept

Sometimes life is sad. Sometimes a good cry is helpful. Life is a beautiful mess. The messy parts hurts. It hurts our hearts. Our dear Savior felt pain too. Imagine that.

Whether it was at Lazarus’s tomb, in the garden or hanging up on that old rugged cross, Jesus wept. He anguished and felt pain.

He lived the ultimate paradox being 100% man and 100% God simultaneously. Talk about having a foot in both worlds.

One thing we should definently model, though He felt pain, He was intentional about having quiet ‘1 on 1’ time with His Father regularly. He stayed on mission and wasn’t distracted yet He was serendipitous. He was both sympathetic and empathetic.

You know He could have stayed in Heaven where it was cozy. He belittled Himself to Nth degree that is impossible for us to fully grasp.

He loves us whether we realize and accept it or not. He wept because He truly cares. He know my pain. He knows your pain. He must of thought it worth it.

You can use your pain. No pain, no gain. Turn it inside out. Give to God and while embracing your weak mortality embrace Jesus for He is no longer on the Cross. He overcame the ultimate loss, that of death, and made a path for each of us.

Born once, die twice. Born twice, die once. That is a tried and true saying. Amen?

The choice is YOURS. I chose the latter; the born twice. The born again route.

We each have our crosses to carry. If you are reading this, I guarantee that. Choose wisely and reply here if you have an encouragement to share or a question to ask.

Blessings in Jesus most holy and precious name.

Confess Jesus – Philippians 2:9-11

You know, there are two types of fear; Real and False. There is one of Respect and another to overcome. One from God and another from our enemy. One for our good and one to belittle us.

This is one that should scare us straight to Jesus and His love.

For it is much, much better to willfully and freely confess, repent, and obey Jesus NOW than later…just saying.

PS…If you don’t like it, take it up with the BOSS.

PSS…The understanding of our sin and confession is critical. But it is only step one. Repentance is step two, which is turning an about face. And embracing God’s love and living for Him by Him is step 3. If you wish to know more about either of those 3 steps, it would be a privilege and my duty to personally help or connect you with someone who loves Jesus too.

Jesus, the reason for the season

When Isaiah penned this most awesome prophecy of Isaiah 7:14 Christmas had no meaning nor had our current calendar even begun

Then fast forward centuries when Mary became mysteriously pregnant and Joseph has a big time dilemma. It’s clear has a bell now but imagine what it must have been like for him when he heard the angel say:

“And she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name JESUS, for He will save His people from their sins.””


Matthew‬ ‭1:21‬

Now Joseph has his first name to go with his middle name (Immanuel – God with us). Jesus has so many wonderful and splendid names.

Now Joseph has a decision to make; trust God or play it safe and cover it up. He cooperated and Mary did her part and the rest is history…the beginning of it in a renewed sense….0000.

Time is still ticking. If your heart is doing the same and you have not trusted God your everything like Joseph and Mary, now is the time. Today is the day of salvation.

Refer to this post and reach out to me or another Christian for some assistance. It will be the best decision you can ever make.

And if you have professed before but wander away, God is waiting.