Unity, Liberty & Love (ULL – ALL)

My Pondering

ULL-ALL is for ‘you all’. This is so fundamental, yeah its okay to be a ‘fundamentalist’. It’s more than okay when it’s truth. This pithy statement is ultra essential. It’s an absolute way to filter almost everything that comes our way. For me, it’s the epitome of relationships and living with people.


With and in principles; require unity. Absolute truths are absolutes for a valid reason. There should be no compromise with core values. North is always north. No if, ands or buts (or butts:).

This is about keeping the main thing, the main thing. In principles; it’s our foundation and standard. No compromise here. Get buy-in and keep it! This is hill to die on!

Just make sure these core values are black & white; based on solid ground, a bedrock of granite.


With and in preferences; allow and encourage diversity and liberty. No micro management here. Grace and mercy abound in this space. This is a dress of many colors. Like beauty is to the beholder, many perspectives, ideas and interests are wonderful and splendid.

God made many species yet dogs are dogs and cats are cats. Within the species are great varieties whether we are looking at animals, trees, plants, insects, the sky, snowflakes, stars, cells, etc…we see diversity coexisting among conformity. It’s the dichotomy of life!

Wants vs Needs

Similar to ‘wants vs. needs’ are ‘preferences vs. principles’.

Your wants are preferences and your needs are principles.

A fool confuses them while the wise rightly disern and act accordingly. 

So long as you remain active and obedient, be confident God shall satisfy all your needs and many of your desired preferences.

I give my best,
in faith and zest!

I take the best,
and leave the rest.

If it’s to be,
it’s up to me,
I live to fill and thrill,
God’s wonderful will!

Kirk Booher

While my performance will never be perfect nor fully satisfying, as I seek to please God in love and obedience. I see His grace filling the gaps and the Spirit guiding where I need to be. I am moving from me to Thee for His great glory. 

All I can do, is all I can do.
But all I can do is enough,
Lord willing.

I realize by serving other peoples needs well, I will get what I need and often times for what goes around, comes around, sooner or later.

May my wants be God’s will.

In all things love. 

Kirk A. Booher

P.S. I teach and preach not always where I am but rather where I am going, quite hopefully.

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