Reset, Restart & Restore

My Pondering


Resetting is about periodical rebooting your human machine. Just like other technology, it works better when we reset and reboot it. It clears the cache. It refreshes the screen. You know what I mean.


Once booted up and restarted, that the time to refocus. Time to verify your roles and goals. Time to refocus on the purpose and mission at hand.


It’s always good to back-up and restore your data. To make sure the main thing, the essentials are saved. Sometimes that’s by revisiting your goals, taking a vacation, going for a walk, meditation, prayer, and relaxing.

No End

There is no end, just change. So be unique while being conformed to what is healthy, good and noble. Master, the best you can, the ebbs and flows, the power surges and know when to RRR.

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