Separation of Powers of the U.S. Constitution

A reply to this

False. Clear prohibition against establishing religion in government.

Keith O

My Reply

That isn’t the point. It’s not about a centralized government religion as they left from England. Show us where it clearly states there should NOT be religious influence upon government?

Rather, its the other way around.

It prohibits government from influencing religion. It keeps government out religion but not religion out of government. It prohibits government from forming a centralized religion. The constitution clearly gives the freedom of religion which includes religious people bringing their faith into government.

It’s a religious friendly government not a religious based government. It is democratic republic not a theocracy.

The ten commandments and other religious beliefs are engraved into the very stone of the Houses of Congress. The founders paid chaplains to assist. They stopped their business and prayed in congress. They swore in, took oaths and commissioned offices ON the Holy Bible. In God we trust is on our money. G. Washington required, at least highly recommended his soldiers to pray, early Congress paid for the printing of Bibles, Ministers and Pastors of Christian religion served in Congress – many of which where signers of the Declaration of Independence….need go on?

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