A world without God is… Charles Spurgeon

My Pondering

If you are apart of modern civilization, at least in the United States, this should be abundantly visible.

God’s ways have been under heavy attack since the 1960’s, the decade I was born into.

We see it by prayers and teaching which honors the one true God of the Holy Bible being removed public schools and often shunned at public assemblies. The religion of Darwin’s devilish Evolution began being taught and rammed down students throats as supposed ‘science’.

The numbers don’t lie. Since the 60’s divorce, murder, rape, suicide, intolerance, and deviance continue to rise and remain high.

Unfortunately, the war continues until the Lord’s wrath is fully released as written. It’s going to get worse as read in the book of Revelation in the Bible.

Thankfully, we believers have a real and living HOPE, knowing that God prevails and will, in due time retake this world. His love will dominate and again have dominion as before the great fall.

ORDER will be fully restored when sin is removed, when the Lion lays peacefully with the Lamb. God’s LAW will be in our hearts not as second nature or something we strive for but will be engraved into our being. FEAR will be unnecessary as we will have perfect union with our Creator and His creation.

Thankfully, the Holy Spirit remains present keeping things from going apocalyptic until enough is enough and the clock runs out.

As for now, until that time, we have a choice to be part of the solution or part of the problem. Whose side are you on?

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