The trinity of God

Some say the word ‘trinity’ isn’t used but the concept certainly is such as in Gen 3 when God says, ‘Let Us make man in our image’. Who is ‘Us’?

  • Father, Son, Spirit

It’s like a human family in one sense. For ex. my family is the Booher’s. Made up me, the father, me 👨 then Jill, my wife 👧 and my youngest daughter, Audrey, 👧 still living at home. When one of our neighbors sees us, they might say, ‘there is one of the Booher’s’ or ‘Hi, Mrs. Booher’. That’s like saying, ‘I pray to God’ for ex.

Or my neighbor may say, ‘I saw Kirk 👨 shoveling snow yesterday, then Jill 👧 brought us some cookies over and I saw the daughter 👧 park her car’ which is like saying, ‘Pray to the Father, in the name of the Son, Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

It’s 3 in 1.
It’s also 1 of 3.

Like H20. Water 💦 can be liquid 💧
it can also take the form of ice 🧊
or can be fog 🌫️, that is in how God manifests Himself as the Trinity.

It’s like time ⏰ , energy 💥 and matter 🚪
those are the 3 essential of human life as we know. As Einstein formulated E=MC2
Remove one, and we no longer have our existence. Similar to the Godhead.

Of course, the trinitarian analogy of God is imperfect, as God is so awesome, mysterious and vast, I think it helps understanding.

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