You test the mind and heart – Psalms

My Pondering

Some think (or don’t think) falsely that God is some inatimate thing or a happenstance karma dealer. To the contrary, we see in this passage He is one whom tests both our thoughts and emotional motivations. He can read us better than we ourselves. He knows all there is. He is a person and this Person wants to have a real relationship with you and I.

He is a righteous judge, who sooner or later sees that what ‘goes around, comes around’. Is it peculiar that God feels? Let alone has indignation? No, He is a person.

My prayer: Lord, guide and help me to consistently pass your tests. I want to win to put a smile on your face and in no way ignite your wrath from causing indignation on my behalf. Unfortunetly I realize this is inevetiable one way or another. For this, thank you and Jesus for grace.

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