Psalm 23 – Sandy keepsake

My Pondering

The very day we took Audrey, my youngest daughter, to college we got word while on the road we lost Sandy, my wife’s mother. Today, we are celebrating and remembering her life.

She loved the Lord and in particular Psalm 23. It was no surprise when she had me set her alarm code to 2323.

As I write this, it’s Thanksgiving. Sandy embodied this classic American holiday to a T.

She was a generous person. She always gave; a piece of cake, paying for the thanksgiving meal, slipping cash to her grandkids, donating to a worthy cause. She was rich in heart.

She was grateful person. She always seemed happy with family and the LORD.

She was a thankful person. If she did said thanks once, she did a thousand times. She did so genuinely and repeatedly.

She gave thanks with a grateful heart!

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