Align your mind to think on these things… Philippians 4:8

My Ponder 💭

We have a choice every moment of every day as to what we shall think, dwell, and meditate upon.

It’s an awesome responsibility considering we have many thousands of thoughts per day. Satan no doubt fires misleading and often negative darts at us. God wants us to think on these things listed by Paul by God’s Spirit for our edification. His encouragement is for us to mediate upon all this while abiding upon the Spirit.

Yes sir, we learn that when Moses asked God what His name is, He answered, “I AM”. We were created in His image.

I am __.

If we don’t intentionally fill in the _, someone else will do so automatically fill our minds and it’s not likely to be the best or even good.

This is why altering our state of consciousness and allowing ‘who knows what’ to enter is dangerous.

I think that’s why we need to be intentional focused and intentional on our thinking. To think about what we think about as Philippians 4:8 teaches.

Think good things

Do good things

Trust God in all things

Let go and know God has got all things

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