Promise Keepers – Stand in the Gap – 25th Anniversary

The Stand in the Gap Promise Keepers event was so awesome. As a young Christian, I attended with a group of men from East 91st Christian Church / JRM 25 yrs ago. That’s me in the circle waving to the helicopter who took this pic 🙂

This event helped propel my sanctification process in so many ways.

Like this cup in the pic below that I purchased back then and use daily, I have add a chip or two, had lots of needed washings but I am still committed to the message stronger than ever.

This is an account of what a friend of mine wrote:

25 years ago on October 4th I was invited by Steve Neal to attend the Million Man March in Washington DC. They ended up having nearly 1.5 million men show up. It really did have a pretty big impact on my life now that I think back on it.

I realize now that it was kinda like a Christian Woodstock of sorts. There was an electric energy in the air of love and reconciliation. There were great singers, speakers and the crowd was inspiring. If you want to get a peek into the culture of Christian men in 1997 watch the documentary Promise Keepers Stand in the Gap.

You’ll see a different image of a man than what you get in most tv shows and movies.

When everyone left the grounds, it was cleaner than when we got there. I can also remember giving respect to the security team and the police on site. Looking back on it now I’m proud that I was a part of this great event. The scary thing about it though is that you may not have even heard of it. Probably the biggest March on Washington ever. You can’t tell from this picture but under those trees were packed with men as well.

John Adamson

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