William Tyndale

(October 6, 1536), William Tyndale, a man to whom you owe more than you’ll ever know, was strangled to death while tied at the stake, and then his dead body was burned. His crime, translating the Bible into English. The fact that you have a Bible in our language is largely due to his labors, and many of the very phrases you read in it retain the flavor of his understanding of the Greek and Hebrew.

My Pondering

This proves at least 4 things we are wise to learn from history:

1. The masses can be wrong

2. Well intentioned people can be wrong

3. God’s Word prevailed and still prevails, despite apparent defeats

4. Though Tyndale lost his physical life, he died for what he believed was right, best, gave glory to God and no doubt it is well with His soul.

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