September 6 – American Heritage – Noah Webster’s Blue-backed Speller and the Holy Bible

My Pondering

The speller book Webster wrote sold 1 million copies a year for 100 years. That’s impressive. Just think how many of our ancestors learned to read from that? Yet, the BIBLE has sold more than that, more than any book in history! #1 best seller all-time. No other book is anywhere close. More languages, more versions, and more everything good for good reason.

Nonetheless, there are three things which are required to read and understand the Holy Bible:

1) Knowing how to read

2) The desire to hear from God by actually reading it (works)

3) The belief in what you read are actually God’s words (faith)

The Bible speaks for itself for. With modern technology, it literally can speak for itself from apps like YouVersion.

So, in all actuality, just #2 and #3 are required…but #1 sure helps 😉

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