Delight yourself in the LORD… Psalms 37:4

My Pondering

This verse is key to the Judeo-Christian life, to long term fulfillment and happiness. It’s way beyond religion; it’s relationship.

First, we see we have an admonition >>> to delight. It’s signifies our ability to exercise our free will, our condition, our desire to seek God. From ultimate micro to ultimate macro, God is in it, on it and by it. This little verse is so mighty. What we truly delight in is what we like and more so love – the most important of all >>> LOVE GOD.

Then, in natural response as the parent of the whole universe, He gives us the desires of our heart. When we are enamored in God, our desires are divinely elevated and our senses are tuned to His.

The birds have a new song.

The sun’s rise is more beautiful.

The stars shine brighter. Our hearts are fuller.

Life carries more purpose.

God is closer.

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