A friend reply this way:

Me either but people use that against me.


My reply:

I feel ya but that is nothing new…their dark demons naturally rebel against saints of light…and you are not Jesus, and many even rebelled against Him, even if you were Him, you would still have antagonist.

We are all IN this world, the question is are we OF this world or OF the next?

If GOD is FOR us and WITH us (as He was Joseph, Ruth, David and other devoted) who shall long stand against us?

Yeah, maybe for a season but not for long.

Our victory is already won. The question is what will our parts be?

Are we word Christians, who talk well for don’t work and walk well?

Are we deed Christians, who don’t talk well but work and walk well?

Or are we both Christians of word and deed, both talk the walk and walk the talk, as God designed and desires of us?

My we each prevail and hear Jesus utter something like this, “Well done my good and faithful friend.”

(This is written first to me. If it works for you, then that’s a bonus)

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