What’s holding you back?

A coach friend of mine, Jack, posted the following:

I am putting a challenge out there that is going to make many people uncomfortable…

In the comments below… what is the #1 thing holding you back from your ideal life?

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If you are doubting how EPIC your year can truly be, message me – I have something to tell you!


My Pondering

That’s a great question. 👏

I think the ideal life is a quest that is impossible on one hand 🤚 on this earth 🌍

YET on the other hand 🖐 is living reality where as I am already living because true success is NOT a destination but a journey that begins again today, right now.

Again and again,
sunrise 🌅 sunset 🌆

To improve, it all about working with better and better

So there isn’t a sliver bullet but continually improvement, upping the material type karat content from:

and then better
and better Gold

Kaizen Karat

How do you like that name KK?

Do you know the Japanese word Kaizen? It means continuous incremental improvement. For example, the word is synonymous with quality control at a car assembly line. The concept is widely adopted not only in manufacturing but also in service industries. This includes retail, transportation and even education. As long as the starting block is a solid one, Kaizen helps shape very marketable products.

Definition of Karat
: a unit of fineness for gold equal to ¹/₂₄ part of pure gold in an alloy. The higher the content the more valuable.

We will never be pure gold and 100% perfect but like Lombardi said, the process of pursuing perfect breeds excellence.

So we need a great at least 2 people in key roles and about 10-20% greater efficiency in our process. Working on those things prior and next.


Got an acronym for that Jack?

Off the cuff?

P-ursuit of



What say you?

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