As I travel the Christ like way

Without God, I could do nothing,

Without God, I would fail

Without God, my life would be rugged,

like a ship, Without a sail,

A classic hymn

As I travel a Christ like way,

I sometimes get hit by cold hard hail.

My command is to walk and pray,

but my feet get punctured by rusty nail.

I am filled with joy but my heart still yearns,

but ‘no worries’ I say ’cause the great avail.

On that bright day when my Captain returns,

He will cure my ills and remove the veil.

Kirk A. Booher

3 thoughts on “As I travel the Christ like way

  1. NewHeavenOnEarth March 5, 2022 / 1:44 pm

    We travel the Way in the relationSHIP with Christ Jesus! thank you Abba Father!


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