The eye of the LORD – Psalms 33:18

My Pondering:

Here we see David’s divine observation of the healthy balance between fear and love. It may seem on the the surface as an odd combination but is woven throughout scripture.

Fear being our healthy response to God’s incredible magnitude. His awesomeness should inspire awe and reverence.

Love is core essence of God for the Bible (God’s inherent Word) tells us and our existence in this incredible universe thus proves. Yes, life is hard after the great fall but that does indeed make God’s contrasting compassion even greater. We can love because we were created in His image. We love because He first love us. His love is steadfast.

With all He has done, He expects and requires our love in return but He does not force it. For love to fully shine, it must be freely exercised. It results comes from compassion not compulsion.

My prayer:

I hope totally in You LORD and realize if I am left to my own devices, I am doomed. Thank you for your grace, mercy and steadfast love.

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