God’s essence is love

God shares many facets of His divine, perfect and fully mature character. It’s impossible for us to fully comprehend God in our current form for He is the Creator and we the creation. However, He created us in His image so we possess some of His characteristics. This is truly what makes us humans special and unique from the animal kingdom and the rest of all of His marvelous creation.

Thankfully, He wishes for us to know Him. No doubt we are created for relationship. The key is love for His core is love.

God’s 1st two commandments (not suggestions, though we must do from our free will) are to:

1. Love God

2. Love others

Three core elements of God’s nature

1. God is love—His will is always for our collective best.
2. God is all-knowing—His is always right thus His glory shines.
3. God is all-powerful—His will always accomplished, one way or the other, sooner or later as He so ordains.

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