My sheep – John 10:27-28

Prime Commentary

Elliot’s Commentary

(1)”My sheep hear My voice,” . . “and I know them;”

(2)”And they follow Me” . . “and I give unto them eternal life;”

(3)”And they shall never perish” . . . “neither shall any man pluck them out of My hand.”

By reading successively the clauses placed on the left side of the page, we trace the progress of the human act and state; by reading, in the same way, the clauses on the right side of the page, we trace the progress of the divine gift; by reading each pair in the order of the text, we see how at each stage the gift is proportioned to the faculty which can receive it.

The earlier clauses are familiar to us from the preceding discourse, but some expressions will need a word of explanation.

Eternal life.–Comp. John 10:10, where the word “eternal” is added in some readings. Here the verb is in the present, “I give (am now giving) them.” (Comp. John 3:15; John 5:24; John 6:47 et seq.). We cannot be too careful to observe that our Lord’s thoughts of “eternal life” is never of the future only. It is a development, rather than a simply future existence. We shall live eternally, because we now live spiritually in communion with the Spirit who is Eternal. . . .

My Pondering

People generally listen to and talk about what they love. They hear and see often what they want.

When we listen, trust and obey Christ, wonderful promises are fulfilled and by the catalyzing power of faith, great things happen…namely; eternal life with our God, without having to bear our own crosses in this sin laden world. Until then, our Good Shepards tends His flock. He kills the bears, lions and giants should they attack.

Let’s listen and follow Him.

Let’s Pray

Lord, please still my heart to hear You best. Tune my brain waves to Your Godly station. Help me hear Your Spirit speak. I desire to trust and obey. Please honor my intent. My flesh is all to often distracted and weak but I know, I believe, greater are You in me than that is in the world.

Satan tries to trick but know and protect me as Your good word says, as you are indeed my Good Shepard.

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