Kingdom Vision – Isaiah 55:9

My Pondering

Let’s not get too enamored with our personal perspectives. Rather, let’s measure them up to God’s. In humility and meekness, let’s seek His council.

Though we were created in His image therefore possessing some wonderful characteristics we are but human living in this grand yet marred world.

God is God. I am of course not nor sadly are you.

What we can do, let us.

What we can’t, let go and let God by prayer and petition.

He is not trapped in time, we are.

He is not limited by matter, we are.

He is not required to sleep, we are.

As when we travel on the road, we can drive with our own knowledge, senses and experience which are important but rather finite.

However, if we connect and pay attention to a GPS device which access satellites in space and information highway, we gain so much more; traffic conditions, speed limit info, ETA, directions, suggested alternative routes, and so forth.

Like a GPS aka Google Maps, Waze, Apple…we need to trust it and obey it to get to our destination most efficiently. So it is with our ultimate destiny. Trust and Obey.

“No wisdom, no understanding, no counsel

can avail against the Lord.”

Proverbs 21:30

This is what Kingdom Vision is all about.

“The same is true for living out your destiny. From God’s vantage point, He sees it all—the beginning, the middle, and the end. He knows where all the roads go, which ones will lead to setbacks, and which ones can get you to your destination the fastest.

In fact, God knows some shortcuts or detours that will get you to your destiny quicker than you even imagined. Do you want to try figuring out all of this on your own? Or will you seek His heart and His hand by spending time reading His Word and communing with His Holy Spirit?

The latter will get you to the full manifestation of your destiny faster than anything else ever could.”

Tony Evans, Called for a Purpose

We should not negate our skills but rather subjugate them to God’s Higher Power per the aforementioned verse. This is what Kings David and Solomon spoke of repeatedly regarding, “The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the LORD”.

Less of me, more of Him.

God the Father and His Son reside in another higher dimension which we can only access by faith in spirit. Paul called that transcended place the ‘third heaven (atmosphere). #1 our oxygen filled space, then outer space, thirdly is heavenly space. That is a far, far place. Yet, He gave us His Holy Spirit so that He my reside in a way, as close as our inward soul. How about that for a proximity report; for a mind blowing paradigm – so close yet so far. His sweet voice is softer than a whisper yet beyond physical nature that no sound wave can penetrate.

Own our own, we are lost. Incapable of connecting to the great cloud in the sky. But by faith in Christ, we have what we need. No man made science can grasp this for it is NOT of this world. Creation can not fully explain the Creator. It is beyond us yet does NOT have to remain so for Jesus made a way for me and you. If you aren’t traveling His way, there is NOT TIME LIKE THE PRESENT.

“One thing I know: that though I was blind, now I see.”

John 9:25b

My Prayer

Lord almighty, You are my North Star 🌟

You are my guiding light, Your glory would be blinding without Your Spirit’s transforming power. Your ways are greater, different and special. Help me trust and obey, for there is no better way to success and victory to my unique destiny and fulfilling my whole purpose.

“Victory is mine, victory is mine. Praise the LORD, victory is mine”.

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