Mary treasured all these things pondering them in her heart. – Luke 2:19

My Pondering

This verse encapsulates my whole intent with this blog, with my life for that matter, To treasure up great revealed truths while pondering them until they become engrained into my heart, soul, and mind. Until they become my strength.

To abide in them as Jesus is the Word and the Word is truth.

My blog is to ponder unto success. Thought into action unto results. It is predominantly spiritual in nature as that is our core essence. We are NOT bodies with incarcerate spirits but RATHER spirits inhabiting physical bodies. Some might disagree. Some might find it trivial. I think it’s magnificent.

Mary had an in dwelling, a role like no other. Christ left heaven for earth. Someday we Christians will leave earth for heaven, as Jesus made the way. He restored the collapse. He made the impossible, possible. Emmanuel.

“Today in the city of David a Savior has been born to you.

He is Christ the Lord!”

Luke 2:11

This special prophecy from Isaiah 9:6 retold in Luke 2:11 is splendid for at least these special P reasons.

1. Today (that day) – PERFECT time

2. in the City of David (Jerusalem) – specific and special PLACE

3. a Savior is born to you – it’s PERSONAL

4. He is Christ the Lord! – HIS PERSON and PURPOSE.

He came at the PERFECT time, in special PLACE unto you and me PERSONALLY for relationship as only He could for the wonderful PURPOSE the Father set for and completed by the Son to fulfill this most awesome PROPHESIED as foretold.

Let’s PONDER this wonderful PROPHECY regarding the PRINCE of PEACE.

What pondering might you have on this or any relevant subject?

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