Judge right – John 7:24

My Pondering

He is a fool who thinks he doesn’t judge (ie make choices, decide, discern, etc}. The word ‘judge’ is such a taboo, PC word these days mostly by people practicing situational ethics.

Is not the point rather to judge comprehensively and correctly, not harshly and showing grace as you can because that is what you will receive back by God?

And we certainly shouldn’t judge a person’s motivations without ample information or stuff beyond our pay grade, like salvation.

Here is a solid article on why Christians of course should judge and when we should not.

Judging Article

The word and act of ‘judgement’ is a lot like ‘fear’. Many say, ‘it’s taboo’. In all actuality, it’s the proper (or improper) use of it that matters.

Like ‘fire’ and ‘explosion’ in the wrong spot at the wrong time is reckless and and extremely dangerous but in the right place, it can heat your home in the dead of winter or power you gas combustion automobile engine.

There is a good healthy form of fear and the false inhibitor type, just like judgement, ‘She exercised sound judgement in the purchase of that house’ or ‘He judged his brother harshly and they haven’t spoken in over twenty years’.

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