but God meant it for good… Genesis 50:20

There is so much to learn from the account of Joseph, his brothers, his father, people in general and most importantly; God.

I think the main point is picking up on Joseph’s attitude and faith, especially from his time from being dumped in the pit henceforth. Sometimes we got to be dumped low to rise high.

View your pain theologically, not socially. Don’t just say, “That’s not fair.” Rather, say, “God, even though that’s not fair, I believe You are going to use it so I can fulfill my destiny. I trust You to use the bitter things in my life and use them for Your glory.”

Tony Evans, Called for a Purpose

With God’s help, Joseph didn’t remain bitter, he got better.

My Prayer

Lord, this stuff takes supernatural power from above. Please help me name and claim victory in You, by You, and thru You. Guide me in letting go of the bitter acidic and release it into your divine providence. I wish to trust and obey You with my most authentic faith. In the mighty name of Jesus, I pray.

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