Found this on a website – not sure who to attribute it to. It’s not mine but challenges me:

The key indicators of maturity are behavioral and not related to personality.

Mature people are accountable. They don’t get defensive. They are self-aware enough to be confident in themselves and their abilities but realistic about their shortcomings. They strive to see things in balance and while fully in tune with their feelings, they don’t allow their emotions to rule their behavior. They can both give and receive in a relationship and they are able to keep relationships long-term. They can take criticism and see it as an opportunity to improve. They keep their eye on what is important to them and don’t get bent out of shape about what isn’t. They understand that life isn’t fair and they don’t waste energy worrying about it or wishing things were different. They do the best they can and make the best of whatever happens. Mature people see life as an adventure and relish the moment.

My Pondering

Wise words!

And those mature disciples of Christ have access to supernatural with even greater opportunities, responsibilities and dare I say challenges.

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