BIG time truth from Job

Satan thought that he had taken everything from Job…but to Job, God was everything.

As we take our cue from Job, our integrity is personal. Sometimes there are only things God and I (you) know and other times only things God knows.

Job was exceptional in many facets. God almighty said such. What a magnificent compliment.

There is so much we can glean from this old book.

A few summary points include:

  • Sometimes your spouse is wrong
  • Sometimes your friends give you bad advice
  • Even when your friends give you bad advice its good to have friends.
  • Not everything is as it appears.
  • God is ultimately in control.
  • God uses Satan for His glory.
  • Satan is ruthless and cunning but has limits set forth by God.
  • We didn’t come into this world with any stuff nor are we leaving it with any
  • It edifies this NT scripture, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His glory and all these things shall be added unto you” – Matthew 6:33. Job did that. Jesus did that too!
  • God ultimately blesses those who bless Him

What might you add or take away from this list?

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