HEAR your destiny

We are wise to HEAR and co-operate with God’s supernatural power to best fulfill our destiny and divine purpose.

H – ear

This is tuning into God’s purpose and will for our life. Like WiFi, we need to set our minds on the right frequency with the right username and password. The frequencies God speaks to our include His Word, Revelation and Circumstance. The username is His name, foremost is Jesus. And the passwords are unique to each of us.

This info-pic gives us a glimpse on how to center upon discover His unique will for you.

Like our DNA 🧬, we share a lot of similarities. Our DNA is common to all humans; (99.9%) as matter of fact. So principles carry forth for all of us…to love, express joy, have faith, etc. To use good manners, be polite, encourage, show respect, etc. To be honest, diligent, work hard, work smart, be generous, etc. and so forth.

Don’t get to hung up on the .01 difference but don’t ignore it either because it matters. It’s God’s unique customization. When we get locked into and connected to God’s flow, our purposese will often be revealed as it has discovered us.

We simply need to engage ‘actively listening’.

E – execute

Once we have heard, we need to execute. To go and do. Not to do perfectly, rather simply our best.

God wants, even demands, our participation in success and achievement. He rarely spoon feeds us when we are capable. It’s co-operation as He prefers to often work ‘through’ us not just ‘to’ us.

He gave us faculties and resources. He expects us to work, to go, to do, to exercise our dominion as we were created in His image.

I think this quote sums up execution well:

All I can do is all I can do but all I can do is enough.

AL Williams

A – bide

As important as doing, executing is in our own efforts is limited. We are wise to fully partner with our Creator by abiding. This is well covered in the book of John, Ch 15.

While we abide, we adapt. We adjust to circumstance and additional revelation which is in sync to our greater purpose. Yes, we are loved and important but it’s (life) ultimately NOT about us. We, like the earth 🌍, revolve around the sun ☀️, as we do God.

The closer and better we abide, the more we are ‘in the zone’ and ‘in flow’.

As we abide, we are wise to learn from God. To absorb what He is teaching us.


Last but not least, we need to rest. All living creature need sleep and rest. We need to recharge and relax. You know, let go and let God. Stress is a good thing, over stress is a bad one. If you are human reading this, not a google bot, you know what I mean.

Ultimately, we must trust God. His ways are sometimes different that ours. They are higher, as the Good Book says.

One with God, can accomplish more while praying and resting, than a 1,000 without.

When we fully trust God. When we do our best to obey Him. When we work hard. We are entitled to rest. Like Solomon teaches in the book of Ecclesiastes, there is a time for this and a time for that.

Rest is a part of the rhythm of life.


This isn’t a 4 step and done program. It’s a way of life. It’s a continual cycle, as the seasons of nature constantly and consistent transition, so are we.

When we truly seek God hear from God. When trust and obey Him, we don’t just have confidence everything will work out fine ‘after the wash’ we have better, we have Godfidence.

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