Pondering Psalms 138:8
“The LORD will fulfill His purpose for me;
your steadfast love, O LORD, endures forever.
Do not forsake the work of your hands.”

My take: Note to self: God has His purpose for me. My job is to help, not hinder, His sovereign purpose within the space of free will He has created to operate in. Either way, His ultimate will is getting done. The question is will I be a good and faithful steward of the resources He has bequeathed (time, talent and treasure) He has entrusted to?

Thankfully due to His steadfast love proclaimed here and throughout Scripture and beyond, He truly cares. I also believe due to love, He has given us the ultimate choice to choose Him or self, light or darkeness, heaven or hell. Christ’s marvellous work on the cross made a way possible for whosoever believes, repents and has faith in Him.

Let us remind ourselves we are not on our own, we are not islands to ourselves. We are His works. God formed us each unique, individual and special works of His very hands as David prays to God. Ultimately it is His will and pleasure that counts. Thankfully, His steadfast love endures forever.

My prayer: Amen to what David said!

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