In my distress – Pondering Psalms Psalms 120:1

“In my distress I called to the LORD,
and he answered me.”

Psalms 120:1

My take: Can I get an amen?

Jesus answers but YOU got to call with want and desire.

The LORD’s timing isnt always our timing but we should take comfort in that Father knows best.

I am persuaded by His Word that when our number is called, when we can see the finished side of the tapestry it will be a time of awe and wonder. From inside out, from caterpillar to butterfly.

Certainly there are times when we feel we are going it alone, times when we are being carried and times of intimate fellowship as we walk the beach of life.

We are loved and that is what matters.

My prayer: Father in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

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