Ants and Weeds

If you have been alive and conscious for more than a few hours, perhaps you have noticed that it’s easy, almost natural to complain, criticize and be negative.

Even an elementary student of history can spot these negative tendencies and trends from the very beginning of time.

Author Tom Harper writes, “This law of “enduring negativity” is alive and well today. Jealousy, bitterness, and other kinds of negative bias exhibit unusually long shelf lives. Grudges are held way too long. Vengeful posts permeate social media.”

In The Subtlety of Emotions, the author writes, “People ruminate about events inducing strong negative emotions five times as long as they do about events inducing strong positive ones.”

Jim Kwik, in his books Limitless, calls these ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts). The best way I know how to deal with ants 🐜 is kill ’em, clean the space and keep spraying positivity consistently.

Ants like weeds proliferate similarly. What does it take for a weed to grow?

Almost nothing.

On the other hand, to grow plants and flowers, it takes work, which is like keeping a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude).

This world is a beautiful mess as are our hearts and minds because we are of this world.

To deal with weeds (pervasive negativity) on an as needed basis:

1) REMOVE – Be alert to their presence and pull them out from their root. “Cancel / Cancel”

2) REPLACE – Plant positive seeds and beautiful flowers in their place.

3) NURTURE – Nature needs nurturing. We need to tend our positivity garden with goodness. As the good garden grows, there becomes less and less room for weeds. We become what we think about just like the saying, ‘you are what you eat’…and think.

Let’s cultivate a PMA by canceling ANTS and pulling Weeds.

So how does your garden grow?

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