The LORD is on my side; – Psalms 118:6

The LORD is on my side;

I will not fear.

What can man do to me?

Psalms 118:6

My take: This is big picture, out of this world thinking. This is a great power of being a believer. We are aren’t living and bound to this world first and foremost. We are pilgrims; citizens of Heaven. Second, until God Almighty permits and says, ‘fine’ all of man’s endeavors are futile.

The apostle Paul exemplified this so succinctly when he said, ‘kill me and I will rejoice with my Maker, let me live and I will continue to serve him’. 11 of the 12 original disciples suffered greatly and I believe all but 1 where killed (John) but live forever, in a much better place.

My prayer: Help me Lord see from Your perspective and keep a Heavenly mindset.

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