Social Media Sharing

A comment regarding my Social Media Posting from a friendly customer on Instagram.

“I very much enjoy your family, friend & travel photos. I & my other Instagram friends only post these type photos. Any way you can exclude me from your other type posts? Best, [a friend]”

My response to friend:

“Sorry, its all or none. It’s who I am or aspire to be. I talk about and share what I love and think about.

I appreciate your tact and sentiment but I must respectfully decline to censor my posts.

My feelings aren’t irreparable harmed and I understand from your point of view. I realize plenty of people, like some of my family and other friends for would rather keep Social Media to what you mentioned.

I also understand some folk tune out or tune off and that’s their prerogative. Hopefully there are no hard feelings either way.

Best indeed, Kirk”

On LinkedIn, I do refrain from post a lot of religious or political content because its purpose is business vs FB and Instagram are holistic, in my opinion.

How do you handle you social media?

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