Pondering Psalms 61:5
“For you, O God, have heard my vows;
you have given me the heritage of those who fear your name.”

My take: David records another conversation with God for our edification. I think its noteworthy that David, being of Jewish heritage isn’t in enought, he has deliberately vowed to God his whole being. One thing I adore of the man is that he is ‘all in’. He has stepped up and burned his bridge behind him. No chasing after other gods with him. Have you made vows to God? I love this word; vow. We humans can’t guarantee but we can sure make a sincere vow.

VOW = Voice Oath Word

In the 2nd part of this verse, God responds to David’s affirming vow with including him into His holy heritage. A heritage of those who have a healthy holy fear of our Maker. As CS Lewis so eloquently put it, ‘Aslon (his lion representative of Christ in the Chronicles of Narnia) is not safe but he is good’. Having a healthy fear of God is good. Both David and Solomon in Proverbs make this abundantly clear; ‘the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom’. That is the space Christ occupies and prefers. It is key component His essence; wisdom.

My prayer: Good God, may my vows be committed, sincere and wholehearted to You. Help me keep my free will fixed upon serving and focused on Your good and pleasing will.

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