When we focus on thing other then God we can lose track of what’s essential. As we develop this bad habit, it leads to ‘Idols of the heart’:

“who separates himself from Me and sets up his idols in his heart and puts before him what causes him to stumble into iniquity” Ezekiel 14:7b

Common idols (addictions) today include:

Entertainment (the party animal, high flyer, out and about most every night, restlessness)

Sports (lives to watch and play, know all the stats, truly very happy or sad when teams win or lose)

Work (derives an unbalanced identity from it, places too much emphasis and time on it in relation to everything else over a long time)

Money (always wanting more, if somewhat low then way too much anxiety and fear, trusting it for happiness)

Fashion (feeling that fancy clothes and style are essential,
not happy if not dressed the 9’s)

Popularity (consumed with what other’s think of them, need to be liked and adored most all the time, cults)

Health (obsessed with exercise, fanatically consumed with consumption (or lack there of) / draconian diet, thinks less of others (or self) who aren’t extremely fit)

People (codependency, vicarious living through others, obsession)

gods (little ‘g’ false gods, man made religion)

Custom (fill in the blank)

The stuff listed above are all good and fine in due moderation (except little ‘g’ gods( but when we act like we love them and they usurp God’s best role in our lives then they become an inquity. Even too much of a good is a bad thing, right?

There is one exception to that role: our love for God because only He is worthy of all, doesn’t need it and give back more.

I found this teaching to be quite enlightening and wanted to share again:

This chart represents how we can lose focus of what’s important.

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