Keys to Marriage

Keys to 31 Years of Marriage

  1. Hang in there – if you quit at 25 years, you’ll never make it to 31.
  2. Commit to the marriage – sometimes you may not feel like being committed to your mate.
  3. Make it a lifetime commitment, with no option for quitting. Then 31 years is a slam-dunk, if you don’t kill each other first.
  4. Communication is a key; spend your lifetime working on it.
  5. Learn each other’s love language, and gain an appreciation for your spouse’s.
  6. Husbands, commit to loving your wives; wives, commit to respecting your husbands.
  7. Recognize that your expectations may be unrealistic, and be flexible.
  8. Deal with difficult subjects at calm times.
  9. Keep humor in the marriage; it helps when dealing with difficult issues.
  10. Christ is the focus of a healthy marriage and of each person in the marriage. Bring every problem to Christ first, then to your spouse.

Additional note:

               Unity – when I die to self, and you die to self, and we’re both filled with the same Holy Spirit

I think these principles will work for the next year of your marriage, and if you continue to follow them, who knows how many years you will achieve!


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