My Top Ten recipe for success in life.

1. Be a life-long learner. Discover what’s available and possible by being a life-long learner. Knowledge, when applied, leads to Wisdom if we learn from our experience. Don’t stop learning when your formal education ends. Think about what you think about.

2. Know thyself. Realize what resonates with you. Know thyself by paying attention to your motivations and passions. Take personalty tests. Ask friends and family about your strengths and weaknesses.

3. OPM. Study other people’s mistakes so you make less and yours, when you make them yet be bold and courageous realizing there is a silver lining behind every dark cloud.

4. Humans are amphibians. We are half physical, half spiritual. Know that your soul is built for eternity while your physical body is temporary. Meditate, pray, fill your spirit with peace. Be in the world but not of it while always hoping for the best and being mostly prepared for the worst. Know that its the invisible things that last forever.

5. Perceive holistically. Look at everything holistically and wholistically. Discern, embrace, and balance the paradoxical dichotomies of life. Be diverse, yet consistent.

6. Be positive. Embrace the hard stuff. You know, the good ‘sucks’ of life. Avoid the bad, unfruitful ‘sucks’ of life. Some pain is good and some is bad.

7. Proper Priorities. Know the difference between what’s truly important and avoid minutiae. make sure you get the BIG rocks, the important stuff in first. Proper priorities help avoid big regrets. Focus and re-focus on your Circle of Life. Time block your day. Keep a journal write your Personal Ethos & Goals. Work hard, work smart.

8. Take care of your body. Eat at lot of natural, whole, colorful and fresh stuff. Drink tons of water. Get regular exercise and breathe!

9. Enjoy. Appreciate the finer things of life including food and drink. Life is fragile. Beer 🍺 is proof that God loves man. Everything in moderation and in season. Work hard, play hard. Rest.

10. Love. I am not God and neither are you so love God and love others with ALL your heart, soul, mind and strength (when you have done that well for the day, you will sleep like a baby).

P.S. I hope you found at least one good thing in my list. I encourage YOU to write and share your own right now and paste it the comments section. It’s your list so no right or wrongs per se.

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