Pondering Psalms 38:18

“I confess my iniquity;

I am sorry for my sin.”

Psalms 38:18

My take: David sure did wrong; adultery, murder, lying, derelict of duty – but he got right with God, whom was wronged the most being His annoited, chosen King. David needed some help from a friend, the prophet Samuel who called him out. We aren’t any different than David as each of our hearts are corrupt. From conception, the virus of sin was present. Our very DNA has the flawed code. Thankfully and mercifully, as we read earlier in this chapter, ‘God loves justice’. So He tapped His only begotten Son and sent Him on an amazing mission to fix the broken code by His own dear blood.

David was a man after God’s own heart, not perfect but passionate. God forgave Him. It all starts with genuine repentance. Humbling our pride and accepting Jesus’s patch work for our very own soul.

With love this wide and deep, how do YOU respond?

My prayer: Lord I need thee. Every hour!

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