Deaths 💀 from abortion since the 48th anniversary of Woe vs Wade was judicially contorted.

This is of course the estimated number and abortion was NOT legislatively ratified, as it should have been if it were a legitimate law.

Perhaps you have noticed there is a difference between men and women? The feminist would rather not have to deal with the fact that God created them as the carriers of life. Fetuses are not extra female body parts, they are pre-born human babies; persons with rights like ‘liberty and the pursuit of happiness’.

There is plenty of fault. Many men who rather sweep the results of their indiscretions away.

Different does not mean unequal but just plain and simply different. Like the difference between fine china and a set of cast iron pans. To act like we are identical is ludicrous and out of touch with reality. That is what this is about at it’s core. Same with transgenderism by rebuking nature.

It’s one thing to try and tame the wild and nature; it’s another to ignore it. Ask Crocodile Dundee. Or to try and change it; look at Bruce Jenner. It’s not and never will be the same.

It boils down to not accepting immutable facts; trying to rebuke creation and God. It’s core is the root of most sin – selfish pride.

We can choose our decisions but not their consequences.

62,000,000 babies ☠️ dead ☠️

Maybe the discovery for cure for cancer was in that group. Or the next President. Or ??????

God’s is long suffering patient and be assured, a day of reckoning is forthcoming. Maybe, if life is cherished and people repent much of the punishment can be avoided, just maybe.

PS…God is full grace. If you had or been part of an abortion, God is above all that. He longs for forgiveness and is full of love.

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